Munch's Hus


Hovedretter · Meat Dishes

Duck breast fillet

In wild cranberry sauce with red cabbage and potato

20 €

Minced meat balls

In brown sauce, with it home-made pickled cabbage with cranberries and parsley potatoes

17 €

Norwegian national dish

Lamb in white cabbage with potatoes

20 €

In September, when the sun stands lower in the sky and the golden trees throw long shadows, there comes the calm time. At the open fire in the kitchen it smells of „Får i kål“. Lamb with white cabbage is a basic farmer’s dish full of tradition, which is willingly eaten everywhere in the family circle.

Baked medallions of pork

With elk ham on fried mushrooms with spinach and potatoes

18 €

Vegetarian Dish

Krydder Pannekake

Herb Crêpe stuffed with yellow beets, snow peas, spinach, and carrot sticks on boletus sauce

18 €