Munch's Hus


Fiskeretter · Fish dishes

Atlantischer Lachs

Halibut fillet

On warm blueberry and saffron sauce, with it baby leek, carrot sticks and potatoes

21 €

Variation of fish from fresh water and salt water

Fried fillet of salmon and pike-perch with two king pawns, with it rosemary potatoes and steamed leaf spinach in Sandefjordsmør

23 €

Grilled fillet of salmon

In Pommery-mustard-sauce, with it leaf spinach and almond potatoes

19,5 €

Ling fillet

With Sichuan pepper on celery-potato-purée with beetroot sticks and lump sucker caviar

21 €

Haddock cake

In brown butter with potatoes and marinated salad

18 €

Baked codfish fillet

On beetroot sauce and steamed carrot vegetables

19 €

Arctic Ocean char fillet

On roasted parsley roots and potato-slices
with lemon- avocado-cream-sauce

21 €


Salad Stockholm

Small crown of marinated green salad with marinated salmon rose on dill-mustard sauce, with it walnuts

9 €

Spinach salad

Leaf spinach marinated in garlic vinaigrette with tomato slices, with it fried herb mushrooms

10 €

Salad Munch

Big mixed salad in Aceto Balsamico-honey-dressing, with it orange fillets, Avocado, sheep’s milk cheese, fried potato croutons and sunflower seeds

10 €

Salad Oslo

Big mixed salad with fried salmon strips in Aceto Balsamico- honey-dressing and roasted potato croutons

14 €

Salad Bergen

Warm smoked pepper mackerel fillet and three fried king prawns
on Avocado cream with crown of marinated salad

15 €